A short update to the current COVID-19 situation, which the BUFC Committee is active in managing:

As a result of the current situation, we look to stabilise the clubs position and keep members up to date, without them over-committing financially in terms of already requested fees.

  • As a not-for profit club we manage things on a suitably fitted budget, and have the interests of our members at heart
    • Funds received from sponsors for the 2020 season will be returned
  • We have a number of players already financially committed to the 2020 season.  Due to the current delay, we will be refunding those players that have already paid fees minus $50
    • We ask that all other members who have not paid fees currently towards the 2020 pre-season/season, pay an initial fee of only $50 (in lieu of full fees at this stage);  this amount will help cover club expenditure to date such as council fees, league fees, equipment etc.  This amount will allow us to survive the current situation.  With your generosity, The Legend Will Continue
  • When/if the season proceeds; total fee amounts will be reviewed in conjunction with Football Authority Fees.  The $50 paid will obviously form part of that amount
  • Updates will follow in due course

BUFC is a family, so if your personal circumstances restrict you from contributing to the club – please make contact with the committee. 

We are a big network, so if anyone has fallen short of work please make sure you explore opportunities amongst members.   

 Stay safe and as always Go Barnstoneworth